Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the best place to put my new spa?

You need a flat level surface that can be accessed easily. One thing to keep in mind is that a spa full of water can weigh several thousand pounds. If you are going to partially sink the spa then make sure you have easy enough access to the pump/motor.


2. What electrical setup do I need?

Almost all of our spas will require a 50Amp-220V G.F.C.I. Breaker. A licensed electrician will be required to bring power to your spa.


3. At what temperature should I keep my spa?

To start out keep the tub at around 100 degrees. Then once comfortable with that adjust the temperature up or down to find the right temperature for you. Even though this is mainly personal preference you should not sit in the spa for longer than 15 minutes at 104 degrees.


4. How do I take care of my spa?

Regularly check the water in your spa once a week to make sure it is “balanced.” Add chemicals according to what the test strips tell you. Clean your filters every couple weeks with a garden hose or soak them in a filter cleaner overnight. You should replace your filters every 10-12 months.


5. What are ozonators?

Ozonators are electric-powered devices for helping to sanitize spa water by introducing a form of oxygen called ozone into the water. The ozonator will help reduce the amounts of chemicals needed which will save you money. All of our new spas come equipped with ozonators.


6. What type of warranty does my spa have?

We believe in our spas 100% so we are willing to give you the best warranty out there.

10 years on shell structure

5 years on surface

2 years on pumps

2 years on equipment pack

1 year labor on anything on tub


7. How long has Parker Spas been in business?

We have been selling and manufacturing spas in the Denver area for 20 years.