Why Parker Spas

There are countless reasons to get a spa from Parker Spas. Here are 20 of our favorites:

1. Improve Well Being
Hot tubs offer a wide range of benefits: improved health, sufficient social opportunities, and the chance for relationship building.

2. Sleep Better 
Sitting in a hot tub raises your body temperature and appreciates your ability to fall asleep.

3. Relief of Aches and Pains 
Warm, pulsating water increases blood supply to aching joints, which helps remove troublesome particles from the area and relieves pain.

4. Vibrant Relaxation 
A hot tub’s soothing water decreases stress and helps you unwind. Relaxation is what a hot tub is truly made for. (Especially on these beautiful Colorado Nights)

5. Unbelievable Massages
Better than a masseuse, jets give the ultimate massage, whether you are in the mood for a gentle touch or more forceful therapy. You personalize the massage.

6. Romantic Adventures 
Hot tubs have a long reputation for stirring passionate desires. Soaking sets the mood for love.

7. Early Morning Soak
Start theColorado day with a morning soak while listening to the birds chirp and watching the sunrise. A cup of coffee and turbulent water is a good way to start the day.

8. A Snowy Soak 
When the snow starts falling, nothing beats walking outside to experience the unique hot and cold sensation of letting icy snowflakes hit your skin, while relaxing in the hot, swirling water.

9. Star Watching 
Watch the stars twinkle on a clear night. Pick out the Big Dipper, Leo the Lion and other constellations.

10. Cure Backache Pain 
Strategically placed jets that move up and down the spine soothe irritated tissue and relieve the pain.

11. After Workout Cure 
Drift into the warm, soothing waters after working out at the gym for a good way to wind down after a strenuous workout.

12. Hydrotherapy For Every Muscle 
Sit in one of the many therapy seats and feel the soothing massage of warm water from your neck to the tip of your toes. Each seat has a special massage for specific areas of the body.

13. Cheaper than Ever 
Smarter insulation and state-of-the-art heating systems help to keep operating costs to a minimum. So you have nothing to worry about except when to take your next soak. Our hot tubs are made for thisDenver,Colorado weather.

14. A Treat Waiting at Home 
While traffic hassles can rattle even the calmest of drivers, just knowing that a warm, bubbly hot tub soak awaits you is sure to make the drive home tolerable.

15. Wintertime Retreat 
There is no need to stay inside waiting for the next warm day when the hot tub’s warm water can keep you from becoming numbed with the winter’s frigid cold.

16. Recover from Injuries 
The warm, wavy waters of a hot tub can help recover from minor injuries, and it is often integrated into a rehabilitation program after a more severe injury.

17. Shoulder Massage 
Tension seems to occur the most in the neck and shoulder region. We at Parker Spas provide a “reverse molded” jet on most of our hot tubs that provide the perfect shoulder massage.

18. A Different Meditation 
The swirling water helps to wash away your troubles, grudges, and problems with everyday life. Use the hot tub as a form of emotional cleansing or to drift away from all your hardships.

19. Thawing out

After a long day on the slopes or working outdoors on a cold day, hopping into a hot tub will thaw out that frozen feel you have deep in your bones.

20. Headache Relief                                                                     

Many people find that soaking in a hot tub relieves not only body pain, but also headaches, especially pain from tension headaches. As the body relaxes, so do the muscles in the head.